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3 Trench Drain Installation Tips You Need to Know

Since trench drains are part of the project’s foundation plan, they are literally the groundwork of their project. Entire projects can be “wounded” if the trench drain is dysfunctional.  The drain installation has much to do with how functional the drain will be. And, drain installations can go horribly wrong.  Here are three trench drain […]

Polycast 3000 Series installed at international airport

5 Little Known Facts about Polycast 3000

Five Little Know Facts about the Polycast 3000 series The 3000 Series trench drain system has been around since the year 1998. I remember first seeing the pre-sloped fiberglass system on a set of construction plans while estimating for a precast concrete manufacturer in Bethlehem, PA. The long throat (or neck, as some may say) of the […]

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3 Ancestors to Modern Trench Drain

I’m not a historian on drainage systems (though it sounds interesting). I’ve been thinking about the history of trench drain. Where was the first trench drain crafted? What was the application? Was it seen as special for that location? Did it catch on or was it forgotten, only to be re-designed for the first time […]

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The Skinny on Slot Drain

Slot drains are a growing segment of the drainage market, but they haven’t broken into popular use – in America at least. Compared to trench drain systems, little is known about this type of drainage system. There are a few slot drain systems in the American market. More likely, trench drain manufacturers offer accessories that […]

Pardon my French (Drain)

How do French drains and trench drains differ? Many people – including contractors! – aren’t aware of the difference between trench and French drain.  There is a significant difference between the two, and we’ll explore it with some general information below about the types of drains.  But first, and generally speaking, French drains are used […]

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Trench Drain Defined

Trench drains are the unsung heroes of water control. Alternately called troughs, channels or gutters, trench drains really do play a big role in controlling water. They evacuate surface water, contain chemical spills and protect utility lines. With solid covers or grating that sit flush with the adjoining surface, trench drains are commonly made by pouring concrete around a […]

Hello Trench Drain Users!!!!

Trench Drain Blog Announces its own Birth! Thanks for stopping into this information site. We are the world’s first blog about trench drain. Right now, it might seem a little silly having a blog about a type of construction supply. But believe me: you’ll be seeing more and more information site and discussion boards from our […]

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